Happy Holidays!

It seems the decorations and sales for the holidays start earlier and earlier every year. The retail world encourages you to shop early to save more.  Saving money on gifts is nice, but the heart of the holidays is found in the gathering of your family and friends.  Whether around the Thanksgiving table, the Chanukah Menorah, the Christmas tree, the Kwanzaa candles or the New Year clock, there is no place like home for the holidays. As you prepare for those gatherings, you may take a look around your home.  Has your family grown, so that you are not sure how everyone will fit? Susie just got engaged, so your number will increase again next year (and maybe even more 2 years from now). Your Dad seems to require more assistance this year. Is it time to start thinking about him becoming a permanent part of your home? Or is it the opposite? Has your family gathering shifted to one of your adult children's homes, so you do not need as much space? Or maybe like the Kranks you have decided to skip Christmas and take a cruise. Family and friends change and evolve year after year, so it only follows suit that holiday gatherings do too. Does your current home still fulfill the needs of your family? Do you need to upsize or downsize? Would you like to know what your home is worth on today's market? Are you curious about what other homes are out there? The Woelkers Group has over 30 years combined experience helping families find their way home. Call 734-765-1081 today to get help answering any of these questions.

However your family chooses to celebrate this season, The Woelkers Group wishes you the Happiest of Holidays!